Ready for change

Is it really only January 20th? Yes, it is surprising that January is more than half over, but Spring is still 60 days away. Have you been counting the day? I'm not really counting, it's more a mental note.

Living in the upper Mid-west of the U.S., this is what I see when I go outside.

This is looking down the road from my driveway. It can pretty much look like this until mid March. Don't get me wrong, I much rather have the white look than the grayish brown, dingy look that is also popular at this time of the year.
(**note**  The last 2 days we have had BRIGHT sunshine and dusk is now arriving after 5pm. Both good signs!)

Now ... a little shift from outside to inside.

Let me share with you that my home was built in the early 70's. The original owner's built it themselves. Hubby says that many thing were done to cut costs, using the cheapest, code available items. We have been able to update most of the things ... for instance, the chandeliers in the main bathroom. ( Just want you to know what I'm working with here.)

One thing I have not been able to change is the fireplace wall in my living room. Not that it's terrible, terrible, I just don't like the color of it. It has been hard for hubby and I to agree on a color for the rest of the room.
(**note** Hubby grew up in a home where 8 children lived. The house he grew up in had white walls , pretty much until the last child moved out. I LOVE color!).

When I decorated my fireplace at Christmas time, I was thinking it could pretty much pull me into the end of January. I was wrong!

First, let me apologize for any "fuzzy" pictures. New cameras have a way of taking pictures like that.

This is most of my collection of Snowmen. 

Most I have bought myself, but some have been gifts from dear friends.

Many are tea light holders.

I LOVE the eyes on my Beanie Baby Snow girl.
The larger Snowman is a cookie jar I bought  at
"Jo Anne Fabrics"  several years ago.

I just love all the smiling faces.

I love the sparkle too.

This one, I bought at "Hobby Lobby" last year .

Isn't this little Star Snowman cute?
He was one of the first Snowmen I bought ...
some 30 odd years ago.

This couple was also purchased at "Hobby Lobby last year.

This Snowman was a present from some dear friends.
Each year, the tiny community they live in makes a limited
edition of one of a kind snowmen for fund raising benefits.


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