Time for a little face lift ...

Yup... it had to happen sooner or later. Do you get tired with the way your blog looks? Do you want a back ground that looks connected to your blog? Funny, when you first pick a name for your blog ... those aren't the things your'e thinking about.

Well, I think I have found one I can live with for awhile. AND ... you might notice that I made a Button for my blog. I have looked ( my daughter would call it creeping) enviously at other blogs and coveted their buttons.

I have a WONDERFUL blog friend that posted a step by step tutorial on how to make a BUTTON. Even though it looks like it's a lot to do ... it's pretty easy. The hardest part for me was making a decision on what picture to use.

Hope you like my new back ground as much as I do!



Vicki said...


Vicki said...


Carmi said...

I like the look! Easy on the eyes and nice and different, too.

I've had the same template pretty much forever, and I've often pondered shaking things up a bit, but then I chicken out.

Perhaps you've inspired me to get off my duff!