Returning back to normal . . .

Over the past couple of months I have wanted to post things, but life keeps getting in the way.
Finally, at least for awhile, things might calm down a bit and I can concentrate on making posts
a habit.
For the last month, our sweet little "Biggie" has been visiting. He is our youngest grandchild, 3 almost 4 yeas old. He lives on the west coast. We live in the mid-west.
 He and his Mother lived with us his first year of life and then lived again with us for several months
just before he turned 2. His Father is in the Army and had been stationed out of the country. As a result, he is very attached to his "Poppy Pop Pop" (hubby). This past year "Biggie" has been here 3 times, a month at a time. And, that whole month is all about him.
Only the basic necessities get done. Laundry, meals, grass mowed, (because he likes to ride the mower) and almost everything else is what he wants to do. At this time (3 years old) that really isn't much. Just being out doors, picking berries, eating berries, playing with a foam airplane, taking walks and shooting "stomp rockets" are high on the list.  
Our hearts break a little when he leaves and the house is pretty much silent, but the memories are wonderful and we plan for the next visit.

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