By land, sea or air -Thematic Photographic 140 -

By land, air, and sea ~

It's Thematic Photographic time. Carmi over at Written Inc provides the theme , you provide the photos. I will probably post more than once this week for this theme, but for today, I'm going to try to post all 3 at one place, like my friend, A Paperback Writer.

These are photos taken a couple of years ago when we took a trip to Chicago.

The Hall of Transportation in THE MUSEUM of SCIENCE and INDUSTRY  shows all 3 modes of transportation.

                  Walking to  JOHN G, SHEDD AQUARIUM 

Looking out over Lake Michigan

Looking down on the Swings from the Ferris Wheel on NAVY PIER

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ChrisJ said...

Done so many land sea and air trips in my life time. have an air trip coming up to visit youngest son in Boise. Hoping my back and leg pains will be up to it.

On My Soapbox said...

Oh, I love museums like that! They're always so interesting.

Bob Scotney said...

looks a great museum. Four means of transport - one one foot.

Karen S. said...

You've posted photos from one of my most favorite places in the the US! From my house it's only a 5 hour drive or an 8 hour train ride away.....and the shortest by air.....! Thanks for posting such an awesome TP!