ABC WEDNESDAY ~ A is for ....

ABANDON~to cast away, leave, or desert, 
as property or a child.

I am so glad I got out and got these photos yesterday. Today we are having a winter storm. 

 I have no idea what this structure was. It is small, but looks like at one time it could have been someone's home. You can see the fire stack at the far end. It is across from a large farm. Perhaps it was a home for migrant workers.

There is new buildings going up around this farm. Even though the house looks to be well kept, the barns behind need lots of work. What you can't see is there is a padlock on the door.

This is a large factory or warehouse along a railroad track. Perhaps at one time it was some sort of granary. You can see that many of the windows are boarded up.

I love ABC Wednesday! Thanks to Mrs.Nesbitt and her team for hosting it.
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photowannabe said...

Abandoned and buildings that are alone always make me a bit sad but oh are they fun to photograph.

Roger Owen Green said...

arcane, ancient buildings are usually very interesting, and this is no exception

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

chubskulit said...

You've found some beautiful abandoned structure Vicki. Following your blog now.

My A entry, come and see. Have a lovely day!

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

probably the old owner abandoned that house and turned it into a barn.

Visiting from ABC Wednesday and RT

Kay L. Davies said...

Great photos of some sad old buildings, VIcki.

VioletSky-Sightlines said...

I love photographing abandoned buildings, though it makes me sad if I was actually familiar with the building when it was still useful.

Leslie: said...

Great shots and a great word to start the round. I love looking at old barns and such and wonder what they were like when new. What history all those abandoned structures must have!

abcw team

Luna Miranda said...

abandoned buildings are great photography subjects. they pique our curiosity. great shots.

Melanie said...

I especially like that first picture. It's funny how now when I drive past old buildings that are falling apart I think about what great pictures they'd make!

Thanks to this post, I'm participating in ABC Wednesday, too. :)

Lisa said...

Abandoned structures fascinate me. I always wonder about the people that cared for them in their prime. Taking the shots in the winter really drives home the point of abandonment and isolation.

Mel Cole said...

a different word yet touched the heart. amazing how people just abandon buildings like that. one wonders the good memories those people has in those abandoned structures. My "A" for ABC Wednesday.