Getting back in the GROOVE

Happy 2012!

I don't know about you ( well, I kinda do. I have visited several blogs), but this Holiday Season has thrown me a little off kilter. It just seems (to me) that today should be Wednesday or Thursday, not Tuesday.
I guess, once I really get back in the swing of things, everything will fall back into place.

Part of the reason I feel this way is because, several days over the past week we were dog sitting. We had our older daughter's 4 year old, chocolate Lab, Indy, as a house guess. She is a good dog, but one that is use to being at home, alone during the day. This meant (to her), if there was movement ... there was something to investigate. As, a consequence, I watched a lot of TV and read. Hubby sleeps days, he works nights and was not too excited when 2 dogs were romping and barking around the house.

All is good though. I never take Christmas down right away. I enjoy the evenings, sitting in the warm, soft glow of Christmas lights, reading or on my laptop enjoying a hot cup of tea. By the end of this coming week-end it should be all down and the house will be back to normal.
Looking forward to a great year of blogging ... for me ... and you!

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