Are you ready?

I know it's been awhile ... and in all honesty I was going to chalk it up as a failure. I have enjoyed getting to know the one's who have posted and I am glad that they have been willing to share themselves. I had hoped that more would post and not just drop by and read. 
So, here's your chance. Does the Coffee Kolatch go or stay? What are some ideas that you want to share? What are things you enjoy or want to know more about? I guess, what I should be asking is  ... What would you comment on?


Lorna Cahall said...

Hope that you stay. I have your lovely link on my blog and I enjoy knowing you're out here with all of us coffee drinkers.

ChrisJ said...

I'm up for most comments -- except politics! But I need something to react to.I didn't do much for the Christmas ones because we don't have any real traditions and since there is now only the two of us most of the time we tend to do things on the spur of the moment and not too fancy. Now I usually have opinions on things -- probably more than I should! I think that for many people making a commitment to Coffee Klatch was more than they could handle over the Christmas/ Thanksgiving period. Taking Christmas down might be interesting as to when and why (re your previous blog.)

Kay L. Davies said...

Hi Vicki — I enjoyed the idea of the Coffee Klatch and would like to see it continue, but I am not in a position to make a permanent commitment.
Unfortunately, the only one who has to commit to it is you, so you of course the decision is ultimately yours. I know from other bloggers that hosting something like this, no matter how good the idea, requires carrying on through good times AND bad, which means when there are lots of participants or only a very few.
I will continue to follow your blog and, if you carry on with Coffee Klatch, I will certainly participate when I can.
All the best for 2012.