After 30 ...

They say that after 30 your body takes twice as long to heal.

Well ... I sure hope so!! I mean heal ... and hopefully sooner than that!

The past few days I have been moving slow and feeling achy. Yes, part of it was because of my work and sleep or lack of sleep schedules. But part of it was also because, Saturday at work I fell. I was hurrying, carrying 2 cases and tripped. I fell hard on my left knee and caught my right side on a case.

The only time I have pain in my knee is when I kneel on it .... so don't kneel on it... right!!??

BUT... the upper right side of my body is achy... a little pain when I cough or sneeze. At least nothing is broken, but I feel pretty ... yuck ... pretty stiff. Hopefully, by the end of the week things will be back to normal.

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MeMeSue said...

Oh My! Hope your on the mend lickity split!!