Day 22 ~ 30 Day Challenge

A picture of something you wish you were better at 

Managing my time!

When my children were younger I was VERY organized, I managed my time well. I really had no choice! Three children in school, I drove them every morning; working, school activities, sports activities, all these things were part of the scheduled daily events. 

Now, it's one adult child at home, who by the way can do some of my errands.
Hubby now works night, so we try to keep thing quiet so he can sleep during the day.My work schedule is sporadic. Sometimes I work a lot, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I leave early in the morning, sometimes I leave in the afternoon.

After all ... aren't you wondering WHY this 30 Day Photo Challenge is well past the 30 days...LOL 


Daniella said...

I love that idea! I cant wait to see what comes up next!!

Karen said...

Now that my girls are grown and I don't work outside the home I struggle with being organized. I so know how you feel. I couldn't even attempt a thirty day challenge, I cant stay focused on something that consistently.

Quiltingranny said...

Don't we all! Working out daily and working from home makes a mess of my schedule!