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First, a note about our host ~
Mrs Nesbitt, along with The ABC Wednesday Team (Cheryl, Donna, Gattina, Helen, Joyce, Leslie, Natalie, Sylvia, Troy and Roger) host this weekly meme. 

Before you look at these photos, let me give you fair warning. I have never posted photos of my kitchen. WHY?? Because it is sooooooo out of date and ugly. 
My home and kitchen were built some 40 odd years ago. Everything(in the kitchen) is falling apart. As a result, later this year we will be remodeling it. BOY ... will I be glad to get rid if the brown grout on my counter top!

Have you bought donuts lately? I can not believe how much they cost. I no longer have small children in my home, but even the "big ones" enjoy donuts every once in a while.

Here is a fun, quick, and easy way to enjoy warm donuts, practically, in just a few minutes.

What you need:  Oil, pan for cooking, bowl of sugar, tube of biscuits, a small cookie cutter for holes, a large slotted spoon, a paper plate and paper toweling. **There are several "cooks" in my home and not everything gets back to where it belongs. Today I used a bottle cap to cut my holes.**

Pour oil into pan and turn on the burner.

While you are waiting for oil to heat up open biscuits.

Use your cookie cutter or bottle cap to cut holes.
You may want to flour your cutter, but it really isn't a issue.

  When the oil is hot ( you will hear crackling noises from the oil), 
carefully add you holes. They will sink to the bottom,
 but within seconds they rise to the top of the pan. 


                  When the are slightly tan, turn them with a slotted spoon.

   I turn holes and donuts 2 times to try and cook evenly.

Use your slotted spoon to get the holes out of the hot grease.

Drain on a paper plate and paper toweling

Roll the holes in sugar (powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar)
and place on plate. (Sorry for the fuzzy pic). 

Now, cook the biscuits the same way.

                                      They are best when served warm ... 
                   and don't forget to shake off the EXTRA sugar.

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Winchester Daily Photos said...

Very impressed, they look delicious!

Bibi said...

Oh, I want one....or two....or three....

Sylvia K said...

I'll take a half dozen and a dozen doughnut holes!! Fantastic post for the D Day! But, of course, now I'm drooling on my computer so I'll thank you for your Delicious Doughnut post and wish you a wonderful week! What's on the menu for the E Day????

ABC Team

EG Wow said...

The donuts look delish!

Gigi Ann said...

Yummy... they look to good to eat..

richies said...

We make donuts that way in our FryDaddy. They are delicious.

An Arkies Musings

Jane and Chris said...

I just 'd'rooled on my key board. Is that 'd'isgusting?
Jane x

Janet said...

Hi Vicki, the donuts look yummy. It's neat that our girls have the same names!!

Que Bella said...

Ohhh my... such yummy treats! They look so delicious I could scoop them right out of your photos!

photowannabe said...

I think I can actually do that myself. Hubby is always asking for donuts.
Perfect post for the letter D.

Eryl said...

That's such a brilliant idea, I have to try it.

Martha said...

Oh, how fun! Maybe I'll try it too. I think I like cinnamon sugar on mine.

chubskulit said...


Want to find out my D, come and see!

Roger Owen Green said...

but you made the kitchen sound much worse then it actually was!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Mona said...

wow, my daughter loves donut thanks for sharing its really helpful .. Have time to visit my entry.

Kim, USA said...

I didn't know we can make doughnut out from the biscuit packing. I will definitely make this. Thanks for sharing!

Jingle said...

I want one,
they look sweet and yummy.

Carver said...

They look so good. Nothing like fresh home cooked donuts.

Dhemz said...

making me hungry.,,,yum! I made one like that before.
Hope you can check out my ABC Wednesday entry too. Thanks!

Al said...

They look delicious. This big kid (i.e. grandfather) occasionally likes donuts. I'm not motivated enough to cook them myself, but maybe I'll stop by the market tomorrow.

Ebie said...

Donuts for double delight! Yummy!

ChrisJ said...

Well good for you! They look delicious!

NanU said...

I need donuts now.
I need 'em.