Anniversary Giveaway # 2

 Last week I came across a blog that was having a Giveaway for their 1 year Anniversary. That got me to thinking and wondering about how long I have been blogging. I went back through all my posts and stats and realized that I have been blogging almost 2 years. 


 If you had asked about my blogging before I looked, that certainly would not have been my answer. My first year (2009) of blogging there was a void of at least 6 months. Wonder what was going on then? Last year, there were week long gapes of blogging. For some, blogging comes as natural as walking and talking. For others, like me, it has been a conscience effort. As time goes on, it becomes easier. BUT ... what makes it easier is people responding. 
 Notice ... I did NOT SAY becoming a Follower. Yes, it is great to have Followers! BUT comments are just as much a motivator  as Followers, sometimes even more. So, PLEASE ... if you take the time to visit a blog ... take the time to leave a comment. I know, sometimes it may be hard to think of something to say ... BUT ... it really is a great ENCOURAGEMENT to that person.

NOW ... Let's get on to the fun!!
Because I didn't have a Giveaway for my 1st year anniversary, I am having 2 Giveaways. The 1st Giveaway is for my current Followers. 

This Giveaway  is open to anyone.


YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER ~ If you are a NEW follower, please be sure to let me know.

Isn't this little Bunny adorable? All dressed up for Spring  ... which hopefully will show up anytime now!

In a sitting position, this bunny measures about 11.5 inches. If you are already a Follower check out Giveaway 1 .
The winner will be announced on Sunday, March 6.

I'm linking up to Debbiedoos Spring-into-Scents-newbie-party


Chris said...

The bunny is adorable! :) Congrats on blogging for almost 2 year. I have been doing it a little over a year and do find it very encouraging when I get comments! Chris

Chris said...

OH, I am a follower, not a new one. :) And your link to the first giveaway is giving me trouble. Will check back later. :) Chris

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Whoo for you! I am so glad you are more active now Vicki..it is fun once you get more active and start engaging. That is what it is all about. XO

SavannahGranny said...

Congratulations for two years of blogging. I am new also. I just started blogging last October. I came over to visit by way of Debbie. She is a wonderful supporter of newbies. Good luck in the future. I understand what you mean about it not coming easy. I don't know how some people post everyday. I guess I fuss over each post to long. Ginger

Donnie said...

Some times all it takes is visiting others and I'm like you if I have a follower I want to follow them back and get to know them. You have a lovely blog so that won't be a problem. You're in my google reader now. That's a cute bunny.

Donnie said...

Not sure if I'm supposed to do a separate comment to say I'm a new follower. Take care.

SavannahGranny said...

I was not sure if I was supposed to comment a second time for the second chance. Anyway, here I am. I would love to win that awesome bunny and I am a new follower. I do hope that you will visit and follow me as well. Hugs, Ginger

Karen said...

Congratulations on two years blogging. I'm having a great time blogging its so much fun. I'm now following. I'd love it if you would stop by for a visit.

Leslie said...

Congratulations~ I loved your comments about 'leaving comments', thus I'm leaving this comment. I will now go to your second post and leave a comment on that one too, under the POST COMMENTS section. :)

Terrie said...

Couldn't agree more leaving a comment is motivation. Congrats for the 2 years. Surely you'll make it beyond. The bunny is really lovely.

Daniella said...

Great giveaway!
I'm already a fllower, and I'm also leaving a comment!
I'm here from Debbie's party!

Theresa said...

Hi, I found you at Debbies newbie party, I am your newest follower! Congrats on your two year anniversary! :) that little bunny sure is a cutie! :)