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Southern Wisconsin
Yes, it is February. Yes the days are getting longer,
longer sunlit hours are always an encouraging site. 
But Southern Wisconsin is still in the grips of winter.
Last Monday night we had a winter storm that was suppose to dump 16 inches of new snow on us.
We got 12 inches, but the blowing and drifting if snow produced drifts up to 4feet tall.
Feb. 2, 2011
Snow drift outside my front door.

                                           The road in front of my house.

                              My house from the bottom of the driveway.

                         Of course, conditions were perfect for some winter fun.

                             Then, again, more  snow on Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011

                                        But ... this is what I'm dreaming of. 

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Kristin said...

Those pictures are beautiful. Cold weather at your side. It's blazing hot here, we hope for some rain soon so that the weather is less dry. May you stay warm with your family members and friends. Have a nice day. Take care.

Carver said...

Great shots of your snowy world. I also like your look to the green season at the end.