Early Spring ~A Love / Hate relationship~

 Here it is mid February, not that cold weather is past, but hopefully the brutal weather is done. This time of year I have Love / Hate feelings for the weather and what is going on outside. Here in the upper Mid-West the weather can change at the drop of a hat. For instance, today's temperature is suppose to be close 60f (15c). Tomorrow's temperature is suppose to be 32f (0c).

Things I HATE about early Spring~
Vast temperature differences.
Cold, rainy days and nights
brown/gray scenery

Things I LOVE about early Spring~
more daylight
birds singing
Days can be warm.
buds on tree limbs and bushes
not wearing a heavy coat
fresh air
hints of green grass

                                                   This is what it looks like outside today.

This is what I'm waiting to see  

Wishing you a great week-end. Hoping  the weather is nice enough that you can get out and enjoy it.
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Anonymous said...

Me two!...looking for spring!
Thanks for visiting LazyonLoblolly,you are so appreciated and your comments are too!
PS what part of the Hawaiian Islands?..we are thinking about maui.

Leslie said...

I know the feeling.. I'm tired of looking at white and just want to see COLOR and plenty of it!!!
Your newest follower
Tranquil Acres of Alexandria
Found you through Follow friday 40 and over.. :)

Manzanita said...

I followed you from the blog hop. I share your feelings. Ready for spring. (I live in Montana).... Let it come...
Wanna buy a duck

Amy said...

It was almost 80 here today. Teens last week and this week 80. that is Texas for you. It is not spring here yet but it sure felt like it. Have a great weekend!

malia said...

Hi, I'm your newest follower from the 40 and Over Follow party. Beautiful blog! Malia

Anonymous said...

I have posted about some of our trip to Oahu,...yip pee, yes Maui, lets meet up there for lunch the week of June 4th 2011..I'll buy you lunch,hehe.

doreen said...

My list pretty much matches yours; I least like the mud and I cannot help it I am just a summer girl. I like sun and heat.
I am a new visitor and follower from Java's.
I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Linda O'Connell said...

Hi, I am new to micro fiction and just discovered your blog. I signed on to follow. Please do the same for me. http://lindaoconnell.blogspot.com
I think I feel the same way as you about the weather. I am in the midwest and our weather fluctuates hour to hour.