C is for CUPCAKE ~ABC Wednesday~

It's another week at ABC Wednesday. This weeks's all important letter is the letter "C".

C is for Cupcake ~


Need I say more?!

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Jane and Chris said...

I see TWO cupcakes in each picture!
Jane x

richies said...

Now that's the way to eat a cupcake!

An Arkies Musings

Anonymous said...

... to be a child !

Please have you all a good Wednesday.

daily athens

Sara Katt said...

Meow! Yummy!
This is something the two-legged kits would like!
Sara Cat
Sara Cat's ABCWedrd-8-C as in Cheshire Cat

Roger Owen Green said...

now that's the way to eat a cupcake.

ChrisJ said...

Yup! That's how I thought it would end. But it looks good.

Mona said...

Yummy, i'm sure my daughter would love this too. Have time to visit my C entry.

helenmac said...

hmmm, hmmm, good! I crave cupcake!
Thanks for your contribution to ABC Wednesday,
Helen Mac, ABC team

Wanda said...

nuf said! :o)

Debbie said...

How adorable! Mine are much older but still seem to make that much mess:)
I am visiting some of the "newbie blogs" from Debbiedoos hop. It's nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

O' yeah that "C"up"C"ake looks delish, I could sure help 'em eat about 1/2 dozen.

Glad your back,thanks for visiting and becoming follower, this makes me happy, and your comment makes me giddy, so glad to get to know you thru bloggy-world.